What Are The Myths and The Truth About Teeth Whitening?

Do you dream of having white and shiny teeth that enhance your beautiful smile? A simple smile can create a lasting impression; imagine a white and bright one! CaliDental provides teeth whitening Lompoc because that is all you need to brighten your smile.

Teeth whitening involves bleaching teeth discoloration resulting from simple daily living acts. You are a good candidate if you are unhappy with the colors yellow and gray showing in your enamel. However, there are myths and truths about the procedure, which you should learn from the discussion below.

At-Home Whitening Kits and Professional Whitening Kits Work the Same

Your dentist may use whitening gels with stronger active ingredients than in a home-whitening kit. Also, they may be more expensive than your regular home kit. Remember that a home kit increases your risk of using an inferior product while using it incorrectly.

Depending on the whitening you desire, your dentist will administer what fits your teeth. Since they contain strong bleach, your dentist decides and measures the right amount for your teeth. That is why you should switch to professional cleaning rather than a home kit. powerful idea

You Can Whiten Your Veneers and Crowns during Teeth Whitening

Well, a whitening gel can only work for your natural teeth. Your crowns and veneers, on the other hand, are mostly from porcelain. Whitening gels have active ingredients that corrode stains on your teeth.

Therefore, no amount of gel can interfere with the coloring of your restorative treatments. But you can still get your crown and veneers to match your teeth after a whitening procedure. All you need to undergo is a replacement with the same color as your newly white teeth.

Teeth Whitening Offers Permanent Results

As good as it may sound, it is not true. After a whitening session, your teeth may retain the new color for a long time. However, as aging continues, so do your teeth.

You may therefore need to maintain your level of whiteness with regular sessions. Your doctor may also customize a whitening kit that you can use in the comfort of your space. Meanwhile, you can diminish tobacco and foods prone to causing tooth discoloration.

You Will Have the Whitest Teeth after a Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening aims to eliminate discoloration and give you a lighter shade. But it may not give you brilliant white teeth. The effectiveness of the procedure may vary and depend on several factors.

Your age, teeth structure, enamel thickness, and type of stains are just among the few factors that may influence your results. Therefore, you may need a consultation session with your dentist to understand the expected results. Your dentist will help you set realistic goals and select the most effective whitening procedure.

Naturally, stains accumulate over time on the surface of your teeth. Also, daily foods and drinks tend to impact your teeth’ natural color. When you are no longer happy with your new discolored teeth, you can consider professional whitening.

While teeth whitening may be temporary, it can help you achieve a lighter shade. Your dentist uses active ingredients during treatment to offer you maximum results. To maintain your new shade, your doctor may provide a customized teeth whitening kit for your home use.

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