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Is Social Media Marketing Taking Over Traditional Marketing?

Social media is no longer confined to the marketing department, with other departments increasingly using the medium to reach customers. Sixty percent of business leaders predict that social will be their primary communications channel by 2024, and seventy-five percent expect that use of social to increase within three years. What is more, social media can be extremely effective for brand awareness, as 81% of consumers skip television ads. In addition, companies can create sticky content that customers can share with their friends, enabling them to reach inaccessible audiences. The social media phenomenon has made shareable content one of the most important ways to grow.

While traditional media may be able to reach a much larger audience than social media, it is difficult to target the people that view your ad or see your video. While you can target your audience with beer commercials, social media advertising allows for more precise targeting. It allows brands to speak directly to the people they want to reach. By combining traditional and social media marketing, you can maximize your exposure to the largest possible audience.

While both forms of marketing are effective, there are pros and cons to both. While traditional marketing has its advantages, it is not a substitute for it. For example, older groups may feel more comfortable seeing TV ads than they do social media advertisements. Traditional marketing relies on a one-way system that can be less effective if people have no interest in the brand. But the benefits of social media marketing are undeniable, and both types are necessary for business success.

While traditional marketing has been proven to be a vital part of marketing in the last century, it is also a popular medium among youth. In fact, many businesses advertise their work through social media. Email marketing is another digital marketing method. Emails are sent to a targeted audience. Content marketing, on the other hand, advertises in the form of a story. Paid advertisements, such as pay-per-click advertising, will only stay on the web for a limited period of time and disappear once you stop paying for them. Mobile marketing allows you to reach people on the go with advertisements.

While the use of digital marketing is becoming increasingly common, it is still important to remember that traditional methods are more memorable. While traditional media can be measured through brand trackers, these tools cannot be as sophisticated as those available in digital media. Traditional marketing will continue to evolve as new reporting data is produced. The marketing team should have well-connected media advisers fluent in traditional and digital media. By incorporating these channels into their campaigns, you can increase brand awareness while lowering your overall marketing cost.

Another way that social media has become a powerful part of marketing strategy is through personal engagement. By sharing interesting content about the development of your company, you will engage followers. This engagement helps build your brand. Keeping it personal will help you gain the trust of your followers. If you can’t commit to the time and energy it takes, consider hiring a social media marketing agency. You will be glad you did!

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