Five Essential Questions Your Primary Care Physician Wishes You’d Ask

Many people seek medical attention only when they feel unwell. Your health is always at stake, and incorporating regular exams even when you feel healthy can significantly help. However, Kalpana Desai MD can be your reliable healthcare partner as she strives to provide compassionate and personalized medical care.

Typically, visiting the doctor seems stressful for many. There is so much information to process that you might not know which questions to ask during your visit. Worry not, since we’ve compiled a list of five critical questions you should always ask your primary care physician for a healthier life.

How often should I get check-ups and screenings?

Instead of waiting until you become ill, preventive care, including regular check-ups and screenings, can be just as important. This is why you should overlook engaging your physician about how often you should get check-ups. The frequency of how you need preventive care depends on your rage, overall health, and family medical history.

Whether you have a chronic condition or not, preventive care safeguards your health against life-threatening conditions in the future. Furthermore, besides important screenings, your primary care physician will also provide critical information and resources to maintain our overall health. Therefore, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of preventive care.

What are the worst health concerns that can affect me?

Your primary care physician is positioned to provide quality information about your overall health. This information helps reduce your risk of certain diseases. Therefore, asking your physician about any biggest health concern that can affect someone your age is crucial.

Depending on your age, general health, family history, and lifestyle, your physician can detect medical conditions that risk your well-being. Most importantly, they will help you to identify early warning signs of fatal conditions. Visiting your primary care physician often ensures you get the best possible medical care.

Am I up-to-date on my vaccinations?

Vaccinations play a critical role in preventive care. While some think vaccines are only for kids, they are also recommended for adults. Moreover, vaccines safeguard your general health from complex health issues, including Covid-19.

For instance, adults should get a Td booster to protect them from tetanus and diphtheria. Again, women and senior adults require vaccines to keep them healthy in the long run. Don’t hesitate to ask your physician whether you’re due for vaccines to protect yourself against severe diseases.

What should I do to lower the risk for chronic conditions?

Chronic health problems like heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes are responsible for seven out of ten deaths in America. However, early detection and lifestyle changes can prevent and manage these conditions. That’s why it’s important to your physician how to prevent them.

Your physician will coordinate comprehensive medical care to guarantee your safety. If you have a chronic condition, they can help you manage it. This will not only lower your risk for chronic conditions, but you can also achieve better health outcomes.

Is my pain or discomfort normal?

Typically, minor pain or discomfort is nothing you should worry about. Nonetheless, any pain that persists longer is worth checking out. Existing chronic conditions or severe injuries can be an ideal cause of your pain or discomfort.

If your pain doesn’t respond to medications, seeing your physician is best. This can help prevent something serious from occurring. Furthermore, your primary care physician has what’s needed to relieve you.

Finding the right and trustworthy physician can be challenging. With a primary care physician, rest assured you’re in good hands. Besides preventive care, you will benefit from effective treatments and resources to keep you going.

Are you worried about safeguarding your and your loved ones’ health? Primary care provides numerous quality healthcare services to maintain your health. Schedule your appointment today!

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