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Can Organized Crime Ever Be Eliminated?

Can organized crime be eradicated? The answer is a qualified “yes”. The most sophisticated forms of organized crime operate in a totalitarian system, with rigid hierarchy and immunity from the law. Their primary activities are low-risk, and they utilize the specter of violence to promote their goals. They also attempt to subvert legitimate government. Ultimately, these crimes are a result of conflicting needs that are incompatible with the objectives of legitimate society.

Some criminologists use the term organised crime to differentiate between amateurs and professionals. The term describes criminal activity structured through co-operation between members. Essentially, this includes any gang or group of criminals, with a common goal. Some governmental agencies have used a different definition, referring to organized crime as an inter-jurisdictional conspiracy that controls entire sectors of society. In other words, there is no single temporal starting point in organized crime.

To properly study organized crime, it is necessary to have a common definition. According to Durkheim, organized crime is a social construct that is a reflection of people’s prejudices and emotions. As such, it is difficult to define in terms of a single definition. It is essential to understand the complex interplay between these phenomena. Nonetheless, a common theme among most scholars is the fact that organized crime thrives in weak and unorganized societies.

As with any criminal activity, organized crime thrives in unstable societies. The absence of a strong rule of law and an effective judicial system allows these organizations to thrive. Regardless of the reasons for such violence, the question of whether organized crime can ever be eradicated is a complex one. Even if there is no way to eradicate organised crime, it may still be a very real possibility. A country’s culture is a strong factor in the evolution of an organised crime organization, so it would be foolish not to take measures to improve it.

Public health is one of the most important concerns of organised crime. In addition to threatening public health, it undermines the rule of law. Enforcing laws is crucial in preventing epidemics, while criminal gangs often encourage officials to accept bribes. This inhibits economic growth and prosperity. Even some countries recruit police officers with an unofficial fee, which they recoup from the bribes.

Organized crime is becoming harder to trace because of the internet. Cybercops are increasingly being hired by police to combat organized crime on the internet. However, most police forces and law enforcement agencies operate within their jurisdiction. The growth of online organized crime makes it much easier for these organizations to operate internationally. So, the question then remains, “Can organized crime ever be eliminated?”

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