5 Light Housekeeping Services That Can Make Life Easier for You in Your Old Age

Keeping your home clean is about more than appearances. By living in a lean environment, you can remain comfortable, healthy, and protected from illnesses and germs. Such an environment can even leave you feeling happier and can make people more willing to spend time in your home. Sadly, cleaning your house is not always possible, especially if you have a disability or your age makes it difficult to do heavy work. This is why many care facilities offer Philadelphia light housekeeping services. These services are customized to help meet your cleaning needs and help you maintain a healthy home. If you are considering light housekeeping services for you or your loved one, here is what you may get.

General Cleaning

Your housekeeping provider will likely handle some general cleaning around your home. They may dust, mop, sweep, vacuum, and empty your garbage cans. Additionally, they may go around the house removing and replacing dusty or soiled lines, adjusting the temperature, and closing or opening the shades and curtains. However, because it is light housekeeping, your provider may not scrub the floors and carpets or wash the windows.

Kitchen Cleaning

It is crucial to keep the kitchen clean because it is where you prepare your meals and sometimes eat. To help you do this, your provider may wash the dishes, mop and sweep the kitchen floors, and dust the countertops. They may also clear strewn dishes, clean appliances, and hand wash dirty dishes or load them into the dishwasher. Once the dishes are clean, your provider is also responsible for drying and returning them where they should be then wiping the faucets and sinks.


Light housekeeping may also involve some organization. This service is designed to remove clutter from your home to make it tidy and protect you from tripping hazards. Depending on the situation in your house, your provider may arrange the bookshelf and tape down cords and wires, among other things. However, they may not undertake heavy duties like mowing the lawn or moving around furniture.


Your provider may also do, fold, and put away your laundry. This includes clothes and lines and especially bedsheets, which they will change regularly. If you need it, they may also iron your clothes and put them away in your closet. Most providers also clean your bath towels.

Bathroom Cleaning

Bathrooms are often wet, which makes them a prime spot for mildew and germs. Your provider will sanitize, clean, and dry your bathroom, including the mirrors, countertop, toilet, tub, shower, and sinks. Additionally, they will organize your medicine cabinet and replace used towels.

Schedule Light Housekeeping Services for You or Your Loved One

Every area of your home accumulates dirt and germs – some more than others. And while light housekeeping may not leave you with a fresh coat of paint in the living room, it can ensure your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom are clean and healthy. These services will help ensure you do not contract an illness from damp towels, accumulated dust, food that has gone bad, and more. So, if you are finding it difficult to keep your home clean on your own, contact a care facility to set up light housekeeping services today. You can discuss your cleaning needs with the providers for maximum customization.

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